COVID-19 Policy

Double Vaccinated

You must be double vaccinated to attend your appointment

Arrive Alone

Come to your appointment alone

Mask & Sanitise

Face masks are compulsory. Sanitise your hands upon arrival

QR Check In

You must check-in using MySAGOV COVID-Safe Check In

Condition of Entry - COVID-19 Policy

Due to the heightened risks associated with transmission of COVID-19 now that restrictions are being lifted, the health and safety of our staff and clients is paramount. In line with our continued COVID-safe planning and ongoing risk assessment, The Mini Hair Room is introducing a Condition of Entry - COVID 19 Policy.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and doing what is reasonably practicable to protect our staff and clients from contracting and spreading COVID-19 in the salon.

In accordance with public health advice and as an integral part of our health and safety control measures, we strongly encourage you to become vaccinated against COVID-19, where it is safe to do so in individual circumstances and on advice from a medical practitioner.

Be assured that both Laura and I are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and as of Tuesday 23 November to provide the safest possible environment for my staff and clients we will be requiring all clients to show their proof of vaccination via the mySAGov app. We will work with any clients who have a Medical Exemption and will endeavour to make necessary adjustments where it is reasonable to do so, to protect their health and safety whilst in the salon.

I am hopeful that this new policy requirement will give you the assurance that you can continue to enjoy our services in a safe environment, particularly in circumstances where the work we perform requires close contact with you and can rarely be performed with appropriate social distancing.

mySA Gov Proof of Vaccination

Available from 23 November, South Australians will also be able to integrate their digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate, into their mySA Gov app, making it easier for individuals to show their vaccination status at businesses, venues and events where proof of vaccination is required.

Once integrated, vaccination status will display each time individuals use the COVID-SAfe Check-In function, providing a seamless solution for individuals and businesses.

As the vaccine data sits in the Federal Australian Immunisation Register, to integrate the COVID-19 digital certificate into the mySA Gov app, South Australians will need to:

  1. Ensure Medicare is linked to your myGov account

  2. Download the Express Plus Medicare app and sign in with your myGov details

  3. Select ‘Proof of vaccinations’ and then ‘View history’

  4. Select ‘Share with check in app’ and then ‘mySA Gov’